Specialising in the construction of blown film extrusion plants, Tecom supplies single and multi-layer plants of different dimensions for processing all types of polyolefins and biodegradable and compostable starch-based or polylactic acid (PLA) polymers. Application fields range from HDPE film with a thickness of 0.007 millimetres to multi-layer film with a 0.2 millimetre thickness.

Tecom opened in 1963 as a manufacturer of textile machinery, joining the blown film extrusion plant manufacturing industry in the early 1970’s. For many years, the company specialized in the production of small ‘monobloc’ lines and medium extrusion lines suitable for the processing industries that were springing up in those years. This type of plant, still used by several processing companies, was suitable for small and medium film and tubular film draws, primarily destined for the local market. Tecom’s philosophy was based on long-lasting, reliable machinery, on customer service and custom-made plants. Another feature of the machines is certainly versatility, switching from one material to another in frequent but fast size changes.

Although the company has dabbled in manufacturing larger plants or two-layer extrusion plants when it has been given the opportunity, Tecom made its name as a manufacturer of small plants. Towards the end of the

1980’s, armed with new technical management, Tecom began to increase the technological content of its plants, suitable for large-scale production and the quality large-scale distributors and automatic packaging machines were looking for. It developed new technologies to further advance the production of film, including HDPE, with or without internal bubble cooling (IBC), extruders with screws up to 120 millimetres in diameter and fixed or rotating heads with dies up to 1000 millimetres in diameter. All these innovations were introduced without the company losing sight of its early philosophy, and it added other values such as reducing production costs, increasing performance and environmentally friendly processes. As the film plant manufacturing sector in Italy has changed over the past decade, Tecom has adopted new technology in step with the times, and has stepped up its efforts to maintain a high profile, not just as a manufacturer of small plants.