Moda Meccanica was incorporated in 1986 by Enzo Carraro and started out as a dealer in used equipment for the plastics industry.

From the 1990s and proceeding into the new millennium, the company witnessed exponential growth of the business, as the range of activities was extended and the offering diversified.

Today, armed with the three decades of experience in the field gained by siblings Stefano and Massimo Carraro, Moda Meccanica provides its customers with several different services:

  • Offering of a wide range of new blown film production and processing plants selected from among the top brands in the field.
  • Team of expert technical personnel dedicated to assisting customers in Italy and abroad with the installation, commissioning, repair, servicing and replacement of their production plants.
  • Provision of comprehensive assistance throughout the stages of dismantling, relocating, and reinstalling major production infrastructure.
  • One of Moda Meccanica’s hallmark activities in the plastics industry: the company’s continuing and highly proactive presence on the used equipment market, where we focus our efforts on selecting only the very latest equipment to ensure our customers can rely on the optimal price/life cycle ratio of the machinery they acquire.