Nested in the Modenese’s plain, one of busiest and wealthiest areas of Italy, GIUGNI s.r.l. first order rolled out of production the 2nd of May 1961. Today, the Giugni family, which still runs the homonymous company, continues – after more than 55 years – to design and produce highly sophisticated industrial marking and printing equipment. All the systems are designed internally and are tested in the company’s own R&D facility and certified in compliance with European standards and safety rules. Today, most of Giugni’s production is absorbed by the European markets, although there is an ever-increasing number of customers from America, Asia and Oceania. Since its founding , the company has focused most of its energies and investments in the R&D department, where new solutions and new systems are created, and where most of the customizations see the light of day. In recent years, substantial investments, to extend the company’s productive capacity, have been  carried out, in Giugni’s 7000 square meter facility. Through decades of experiences we have acquired great knowledge that is applied by direct management to the whole of the production chain: from the assessment of the customer’s needs to the designing and manufacturing of the final systems and continuing with Giugni’s well renowned after-sales service. Not only all the systems are designed and produced internally, but also most of the accessories. Our customization’s capabilities are un-matched in the industry, and with a large in-house inventory, we can answer rapidly to most of our customers’ immediate and unaccounted needs.